Tea/Coffee/Sake Set

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Kage Ao ceramic tea cup set valentines day or anniversary gift
Joshua Blue Tea Set | Ceramic
Carafe and two cups are in line at the living room. Warm cosy feeling.
Rich brown gradient surrounds the tea pot and tea cups contrasting with a eucalyptus crackled green glaze
Dark brown glaze diffusing to clay colored sake container
Grey and white sake container vase
sake container vase with ring of gold at opening
Speckled black sake container
Speckled dark grey sake container with opening to the side with dimple for thumb.
A set of sake carafe and cup with Japanese sake bottle, perfect for special occasions.
Zen Teapot and Teacup Set

Tea/Coffee/Sake Sets are great for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc. Sake sets, tea sets, and coffee dripper-pot sets are just some of the combinations available. Our Kage Ao and Joshua Blue teacup sets come with tea bags from Sugimoto Tea Company so you can enjoy Japanese tea immediately.