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Michinoku 4-pcs Dinnerware Set | Japanese Tableware
This is a 4 pieces dinnerware set that includes 11" dinner plate, 9" salad plate, 8" shallow bowl and 6" deep bowl. Black base and gold sparkles with glossy glaze. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Gorgeous set.
Japanese modern dinnerware place setting Seto Blue shown with cloth napkin finished with twig of Japanese Maple
A minimalist dinnerware set featuring a 6-inch plate, rice bowl, and teacup arranged on a light-colored surface.
Fuzei 4-piece Dinnerware Set | Modern Ceramics
Kanade Matte Opal Green 4-piece Dinnerware Set | Japanese Pottery
Matte blue 4-pcs dinnerware set. 9.5" plate, 7" plate, 6" bowl and a 12 oz mug. Made by Marumi Kujirai. A beautiful set.
Michinoku Square plate and spout bowl set | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Kuon Bowl and Teacup 2-piece set | Japanese Tableware
All occasion dishware made in Japan Shima White 4 piece modern style glossy white glaze deep blue accents
Ivory and charchol edge 4 pieces dinnerware set. Salad plate, pasta bowl, bowl, and mug.
Koku 4-piece modern japanese tableware simple clean grey-black glaze dinner and salad plate, pasta and rice bowls.
Tapered ramen bowl with undulating rim with matching tapered tea cup in background
Hasu Japanese 4-piece dinnerware set - cup, bowl, salad, dinner plate. Features a blue lotus on a glossy white background.
Medium and small plate with deep rust, orange, red glaze encircled with an off-white rim
Black textured plates encircled with an off-white rim
Deep red dinner plate with thin black outline at rim.
Seimei Emerald Dinnerware Set | Modern Japanese Tableware
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Tsukishiro 3-piece Dinnerware Set | Elegant Japanese Ceramics
Yohen Dinnerware Set #6 | Bizen Tableware Pottery
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Yohen Dinnerware Set #5 | Bizen Tableware Pottery
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Yohen Dinnerware Set #4 | Bizen Tableware Pottery
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Yohen Dinnerware Set #3 | Bizen Tableware Pottery
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A reddish-brown dinnerware set consisting of a small 6-inch plate, a rice bowl, and a teacup. One-of-a-kind. Top quality.
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WAZA Tokyo offers dinnerware sets in 4pcs, 3pcs, and 2pcs sets. Each set is slightly different, but the basic 4pcs set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug or pasta bowl.  All are versatile sets that can be used for formal and casual occasions.

WAZA Tokyo also offers a set of plates only, which would be great to mix and match with your own sets.  Enjoy free table settings without being bound by preconceived ideas.

If you would like to order more than what is in stock, please contact info@wazatokyo.com.