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Handmade clay coffee/tea cup on square tile dish
A set of sake carafe and cup with Japanese sake bottle, perfect for special occasions.
Japanese sake cup collaboration Suiroku elegantly packaged in signed wooden box
Zen Teapot and Teacup Set
Koubou White Mug and Plate Set | Handcrafted Modern Japanese Pottery
Carafe and two cups are in line at the living room. Warm cosy feeling.
A handmade black Ginten sake bowl sitting sleekly next to a wooden box.
Seikan Bizen Cup #1 | Elegant Japanese Pottery
Seikan Bizen Cup #2 | Elegant Japanese Pottery
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Seikan Bizen Cup #3 | Elegant Japanese Pottery
A dripper is on top of the coffee pot. Very stable and beautiful setting.
Anagama Japanese Kohiki tea and sake cup off white crackled glaze unglazed brown base
Kanade Matte Opal Green Coffee Dripper Set | Handmade Japanese Pottery
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Juhyo Sake Cup | Handmade Anagama Sake Cup
White sake cup with wooden box. The box is tied with dark navy strings and this is a traditional way of wrapping pottery.
Japanese sake cup Gladdy's Sounds original swirl type design packaged in a wooden box
Japanese small sake cup Gladdy's Sounds original swirl type design elegantly packaged in wooden box
Rich brown gradient surrounds the tea pot and tea cups contrasting with a eucalyptus crackled green glaze
Kage Ao ceramic tea cup set valentines day or anniversary gift
Joshua Blue Tea Set | Ceramic
Hakubo Mug and Plate | Handmade Dessert Set
Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue mug deep blue glaze diffusing to lighter shades of blue at base
Contemporary Japanese mug Shima White glaze diffusing to a deep blue at base
Modern elegant Shima White Japanese dessert cup deep blue interior
Modern blue and white Japanese ceramic small dessert cup Seto Blue Collection white and deep blue glaze
Japan-made coffee cup Shima White Seto Blue deep blue glaze contrasting white saucer matching deep blue border
Kondo's sake cup. White inside and black outside. Gold like color is shown on the edge that makes this cup very special.
Anagama Japanese Hakeme 2 sake cup clay with partial black glaze uneven rim
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Anagama Japanese sake cup handmade dark brown with partial white glaze
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Anagama Hakeme 3 Japanese white sake cup black brush strokes
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Dark brown glaze diffusing to clay colored sake container
Grey and white sake container vase
sake container vase with ring of gold at opening
Speckled black sake container
Speckled dark grey sake container with opening to the side with dimple for thumb.
Momo pink dessert cup set | Modern Japanese Ceramics

WAZA Tokyo offers a wide variety of cups, mugs, and cup and saucers.  You can make your meals more memorable by using different types of cups, such as coffee, green tea, latte, espresso, beer, and sake.  Most guinomi sake cups are carefully hand-crafted and come in wooden or paper boxes, making them ideal as gifts.  Isn’t it excellent to think about which cup to use for drinks during your break today?

While many cups are dishwasher-safe, some are not.  Choose from a variety of cups to match your lifestyle.

54 results