Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

WAZA Tokyo invites you to browse through our contemporary Japanese ceramics - simple and elegant tableware and gifts made in Japan. 

Our WAZA Atelier Collection features handmade pieces by artists in Japan.  These pieces reflect impeccable skill and technique of craft which is handed down through generations and also captures the essence of modern design.

Our WAZA Kiln Collection  features a modern and sophisticated line of ceramics that captures the spirit of Japan and is made by a blending of artists’ talents and machine.

We are grateful to be able to share these unique pieces -- a reflection of life and artistry from our part of the world to your table.

Takenishi showing the techniques of glazing
WAZA Tokyo
Beauty of handcrafted pottery
Crafted in Japan
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Hasu (Lotus) 4-pice blue and white table setting
Hasu 4 -piece Setting
Off-white speckled ramen bowl
Ramen Bowl Set
Koku 4-piece Japanese modern tableware
Koku 4-piece Set
Seto Blue Japanese handmade tableware


Our Atelier and Kiln dinnerware fuses Japanese traditional techniques with timeless modern design.  We offer place settings or you can mix and match individual plates to compliment your decor.


Whether you are looking for a tea cup, coffee cup or sake cup, quality and ergonomics is our primary focus.  When it comes to our cups, we believe the tactile and visual experience should be just as important as the tasting experience.

WAZA Tokyo cups
Asato Ikeda vases


Each vase is meticulously hand made and hand glazed. While our vases are made to complement floral arrangements, they are also beautiful as stand alone pieces.


Unique and special gift ideas for any occasion. We also offer gift wrapping and a personalized note.

coffee time with WAZA Tokyo ceramics

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Anagama kiln

Anagama kiln

Anagama kiln is an ancient way to fire pottery but is still used today.

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Welcome! WAZA Tokyo featuring modern tableware and gifts from Japan.
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