Featured Artist
Mami Kanno
Ichie Footed Bowl
Used at 3-star Michelin restaurant
Kanade 4-pcs Dinnerware Set
Complete the perfect set with Coffee Dripper and Pot
Manabu Suehiro's palm sized rim plate is on the bedside table with an accessory. Suehiro creates amazing works in Okayama, Japan. Fired red and beige colors are too stunning to see every time when I go by the bed..
Palm Size Bizen Plate
For jewelry and more
Rin Bud Vase
Find your one-of-a-kind vase
Sakura, cherry blossoms, and the red lantern at a shrine. Beautiful Japanese spring scenary.


What is your image of sakura?
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This is a shoyu, soy sauce based, ramen with boiled egg and sliced pork. It's about US$9.

Shoyu? Miso? Tonkotsu?

Ramen, ramen, ramen...I miss them!
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Breakfast at home or at a cafe?

Breakfast at home or at a cafe?

These days in Japan there seems to be many more eat-out breakfast options.
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