Dinner Plate Collection
Need just dinner plates?
Celebrate with
Nikko-cedar sake carafe and 2 cups
Traditional Japan-made dinnerware set, the rice bowls and the tea cups. Gray-ish color with brown design were naturally made in wood fired kiln.
New Artist, Masato Miura
Japanese Classic 2-pcs Set
Dinner Plate Collection
Elegant and modern Japanese Flat Dinner Plate "Kokuryu"
Dinner Plate Collection
Usurahi Elegant Gray Flat Dinner Plate
Dinner Plate Collection
Kazahana Rised Rim Flat White Dinner Plate
Charger Plate - Coming soon
Sumi Brushed Charger Plate

Modern Japanese Tableware and Gifts

WAZA Tokyo invites you to browse through our contemporary simple and elegant tableware and gifts made in Japan. 

The Artists' Collection features handmade pieces by artists in Japan.  These pieces reflect impeccable skill and technique of craft which is handed down through generations and also captures the essence of modern design.

The Kiln Collection  features a modern and sophisticated line of ceramics that captures the spirit of Japan and is made by a blending of artists’ talents and machine.

We are grateful to be able to share these unique pieces -- a reflection of life and artistry from our part of the world to your table.

Gift Ideas

Unique and special gift ideas. We also offer gift wrapping and a personalized note.

High quality linen cloth Furoshiki with WAZA Tokyo logo - our exclusive gift wrapping option
waza tokyo carries various cups, such as sake cups, mugs, teacups and cup and saucers. They are high quality and unique from Japan.


Whether you are looking for a tea cup, coffee cup or sake cup, quality and ergonomics is our primary focus.  When it comes to our cups, we believe the tactile and visual experience should be just as important as the tasting experience.


While our vases are made to complement floral arrangements, they are also beautiful as stand alone pieces.

This Ikeda's swirl vase is an elegant and unique. Light blue glaze is great match for any color of flower. The little bouquet fits perfectly.


Our Atelier and Kiln dinnerware fuses Japanese traditional techniques with timeless modern design.  We offer place settings or you can mix and match individual plates to compliment your decor.


GLAD I PURCHASED 3 Gladdy's Sounds Cups

I didn't think it was possible but they look better in real life. I was very excited after purchasing them online and it wasn't very long before they were delivered. At first I kept taking them out of their individual boxes.....admiring them and putting them away again. I have to add at this stage that they are beautifully crafted...clearly with a lot of skill and a lot of care....and this is coming from a ceramic artist.After a few days passed I finally decided to use them with an imported brewed green tea. The cups added to my enjoyment of the tea...they were a pleasure to use and drink out of. William

Shima White Dinnerware Sets are stunning!

My husband and I received the Shima collection as a wedding gift, and we are absolutely in love with all of it! The coloring is so beautiful, and we've already received many compliments on the various pieces from guests. We use them now for almost every meal - whether it's cereal with coffee, an afternoon snack, or dinner. We're already planning on adding more pieces from both the Shima collection and others from Waza Tokyo. Highly recommend as a gift for others or yourself!

Megumi (CA)


I received this Sazanami set as my wedding gift. The
sake container and glasses are very delicate and so beautiful. I love the
unique design and my wife who is a product designer admires the stylish shapes
as well. I was also impressed with how the glasses were neatly packed.

Andy (OR)

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Mikan is my madonna

mikan that turned my mikan life upside down!
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Fall in Japan

Fall is my favorite season. How about you?
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