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A unique Japanese matcha cup with cream-colored glaze, featuring beautiful gray lines of varying intensity and an original design of black ink-like spots sprinkled throughout.
Wakana Entrée Bowl | Modern Japanese Tableware
Midnight blue dissolving to white Japanese modern ramen bowl
Maru Donburi Bowl Seto Blue | Modern Ceramics
This bowl has two foot so that it's angled when you place it on the table. Matte white glaze is around the edge, which is about 1 inch deep that continues to the inside of the bowl.
Kuon Bowl and Teacup 2-piece set | Japanese Tableware
Hyo Blue Covered Bowl | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Mizu-Oto Pasta Bowl | Modern Ceramics
Handmade pottery that is gray base color with white brush stroke.
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Black round bowl with distinctive wine-red lines inside. Vertical 2 lines and horizontal 3 lines.
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Maru Donburi Bowl Shima White | Modern Ceramics
Maru Donburi Bowl Mizu-Oto | Modern Ceramics
Contemporary Japanese tableware Seto Blue pasta bowl glossy white glaze diffusing to deep blue
Midnight blue dissolving to white Japanese modern ramen bowl
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Handmade shallow kohiki bowl light gray with white brushed beautif design
Genuine Japanese dinnerware Shima White pasta bowl glossy deep blue glaze diffusing to white at base
Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue Bowl deep blue glaze diffusing to glossy white
Modern simple elegant Shima White bowl deep blue glaze outside diffusing to white at base deep blue bottom rim
Modern elegant Shima White Japanese dessert cup deep blue interior
Modern blue and white Japanese ceramic small dessert cup Seto Blue Collection white and deep blue glaze
Yonaga Black Bowl – Medium | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Suiseki Kohiki Bowl | Handmade Japanese pottery
Suiseki Kurotsuchi Bowl | Handmade Japanese Pottery
Why don't you relax and sit back while enjoying a cup of matcha in this bowl?
Introducing beautiful matcha bowl crafted by Japanese artisan, Mami Kanno. Beautiful gray lines like a willow is all around the bowl on soft pink like beige color. Although this was made in France by the Japanese artist, you feel wabi sabi.
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This is a serene pink matcha tea bowl, called "chawan", which is a type of unique tableware. It was carefully made by a Japanese artist who is currently based in France. The surface of the bowl retains the texture of the clay used to make it, which adds to its beauty.
Yonaga Black Entrée Bowl | Modern Japanese Tableware
Hyo White Covered Bowl | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Tapered ramen bowl with undulating rim with matching tapered tea cup in background
A handcrafted ceramic bowl featuring a swirled pattern in shades of cream and tan with a distinctive brushed texture
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A beautiful Japanese handmade Mashiko bowl with a swirled gray and white glaze pattern, rustic beige base, and a footed bottom.
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WAZA Tokyo offers a variety of bowls that are suitable for both Western and Japanese cuisine.  The bowls are versatile and are just as perfect for cereal and pasta as they are for donburi and soba. Larger bowls can be used as other serving bowls in either setting. 

The sizes of the bowls are various and find the bowl that fits your lifestyle.