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Sumi Dinner Plate | Japanese Tableware
Unique and luxurous w hite and gold footed square plate. There are small black speckles on the white part.
The plate was set with chopsticks and a glass. The plate was naturally up on 4 corners. Beautiful and luxurious look.
Black textured plates encircled with an off-white rim
Blue embossed Joshua Blue Premium box
Bizen Palm Size Plate Seiren | Japanese Modern Plate
Round plate with raised rim. Beautifully it shins. Elegant design will give sophisticated feel to your table.
Gunjo Dinner Plate | Modern Japanese Tableware
Round plate with gray gradient beautiful pattern
Round plate with a black and gray pattern. Great Japanese dinner plates for seasonal occasions.
Medium and small plate with deep rust, orange, red glaze encircled with an off-white rim
Shima White Soy Sauce Plate | Japanese Ceramics
Seto Blue Soy Sauce Plate | Modern Ceramics
Japanese modern deep blue dinner plate Seto Blue collection
Modern Japanese ceramic dinner plate Shima White glaze deep blue border diffusing to delicate green at rim
Japanese modern salad plate Seto Blue Collection deep blue glaze diffusing to white one edge
Japanese salad plate design Shima White glossy white glaze diffusing to deep blue border
Rich blue peonies and green leaves set on a background of yellow and blue waves
Ishidatami Accent Plate | Kutani Collection | Japanese Ceramics
Yellow patterned dish with a pine showing through green bordered gourd shaped window
Round dish with yellow and white birds flying among spades rich green background
Tsukishiro 3-piece Dinnerware Set | Elegant Japanese Ceramics
Shochikubai Square Flat Plate | Modern Japanese Tableware
Ginsai Square Flat Plate | Modern Japanese Ceramics
Tamayura Dinner Plate | Modern Japanese Tableware
Kessho Flat Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Koromo Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Dinnerware
Takara Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Shinju Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Ceramics
Square plate sets of dinner, salad and mini plate. Light blue base with white lines like a river flow. Japanese ceramics. Made in Japan.

WAZA Tokyo plates are from Japan (except Mami Kanno’s works from France) and made by Japanese ceramists and potters in Japan. We also offer plates that are machine-assist created but are finished by hand which offers beautiful consistency. Various sizes are available and have versatile uses such as dinner, salad, bread, and soy sauce plates.

Note: Ceramic plates, such as Shima White and Seto Blue series, are generally dishwasher/microwave-safe, however, pottery plates, such as Seiren palm-sized plates are usually not.  Please refer to the care instructions on each product page carefully before you purchase. Although pottery plates need to be hand washed, their beauty makes it well worth the effort.  Hand washing also enhances the appreciation of the artist’s craftsmanship.