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Modern blue and white small vase Rin 2 round-cornered rectangular vase with a cylindrical opening at the top
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One stem flower vase Rin 5 made in Japan elegant disk-like container cylindrical opening
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Blue and white Japanese ceramic bud vase with blue circular patterns
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Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue mug deep blue glaze diffusing to lighter shades of blue at base
Contemporary Japanese mug Shima White glaze diffusing to a deep blue at base
Modern blue and white Japanese ceramic small dessert cup Seto Blue Collection white and deep blue glaze
Modern elegant Shima White Japanese dessert cup deep blue interior
Speckled dark grey sake container with opening to the side with dimple for thumb.
Off-white textured sake container
Speckled black sake container
sake container vase with ring of gold at opening
Grey and white sake container vase
Dark brown glaze diffusing to clay colored sake container
two sets of Japanse tea bags and 5 sticks of Matcha with linen wrapping
Japanese modern salad plate Seto Blue Collection deep blue glaze diffusing to white one edge
Japanese salad plate design Shima White glossy white glaze diffusing to deep blue border
Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue Bowl deep blue glaze diffusing to glossy white
Modern simple elegant Shima White bowl deep blue glaze outside diffusing to white at base deep blue bottom rim
Blue gradient to white set of 2 leaves and 2 island shaped chopstick rests
Blue gradient to white set of 4 chopstick holders
Blue gradient to white set of 4 crescent moon shaped chopstick holders
Blue gradient to white set of 4 teardrop shaped chopstick holders
Soy sauce container white with no drip spout classic modern shape
Deep blue-green striped glaze design on a glossy white backdrop single stem bud vase
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Usagi Hashioki Collection | Japanese Ceramic Chopstick Rest
Rin 6 | Blue and White Japanese Vase
Seto Blue Soy Sauce Plate | Modern Ceramics
Shima White Soy Sauce Plate | Japanese Ceramics
Rich blue peonies and green leaves set on a background of yellow and blue waves
Yellow patterned dish with a pine showing through green bordered gourd shaped window
Ishidatami Accent Plate | Kutani Collection | Japanese Ceramics
Round dish with yellow and white birds flying among spades rich green background
A pair of handmade silver lacquered chopsticks from Japan resting on a napkin. Modern Japanese tableware. Elegance and luxury.
A pair of opulent gold chopsticks, with a lustrous finish, displayed on a linen napkin.  Modern Japanese tableware.
The chic and modern chopsticks with a split half-rouge and half-black lacquered finish, resting on a clean linen napkin. Japan made chopsticks.
A pair of chopsticks with a striking half-navy and half-black lacquered finish, placed on a crisp white linen napkin. Handmade in Japan. Modern Japanese tableware.

38 results