Sazanami | Japanese Glassware Sake Set


Sazanami (ripple) handmade glass sake set is an art piece in itself.  Light dances off the faceted glass of these modern exquisite carafe and cups. The unique angled sides of the carafe make it easy to hold. Serve with chilled sake, wine or your favorite cold drink. 

Please note that this sake set is not heat resistant. Not microwave safe.

Made in Japan

3-piece glass set includes:
Sake Carafe
2 Sake Cups

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Sake Carafe:  1.25” w x 2.5” d (w/ spout) x 7” h, 8 oz
Sake Cup: 1.5” w x 2” d x 2.5” h, 2 oz

Care:  Hand wash only.  NOT for use in microwave or dishwasher.

They will be in stock by October 25th, 2022.

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