About WAZA Tokyo

I founded WΛZΛ Tokyo with a dedication and goal to collaborate with artists and communities who make objects that preserve the traditions of Japan in order to make available, their art and their stories and to bring the beauty and craftsmanship of Japan to the American table. In doing so, I create friendships and share with you, the passion and creativity of these talented artists.

The word WAZA in Japanese represents technique and skill in craft.

WAZA is often passed down through generations of potters whose craft is defined within each prefecture by a specific style, material or glaze. What makes Japanese artisans so unique is their unrelenting aspiration to achieve perfection in quality and artistry and their ability to use traditional techniques to create modern designs.

I continually travel throughout Japan in search of local artisans and communities whose craft reflects generations of impeccable skill and technique and captures the essence of good modern design.  I celebrate their artistry by bringing the beauty, grace and subtlety of Japanese design to your home.