Kage Ao Tea Set with Tea Sampler | Japanese Ceramic


This Japanese ceramic tea cup set includes two Kage Ao Tea Cups and our linen-cotton blend furoshiki-wrapped Sugimoto Tea Sampler Package, all in a specially-made custom wooden box and wrapped in a traditional cloth.

Kage Ao's glazing process consists of several steps where Takenishi polishes only certain glaze colors so that one color/texture creates a backdrop for an opposing color/texture. The result of the unsanded portion after firing are crystallized fractures in the glaze which radiate interest and beauty.  The glaze designs are inspired by the flow of spring water between rocks.  

Takenishi's pieces are shaped and painted individually, each with slight variations that make each piece unique. Linen-cotton wrap and furoshiki color and material may vary.

Made in Japan, Ehime Prefecture

Artist: Yoshito Takenishi

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Cups:  3.75" dia x 3" h
(10.5 fluid oz)

Care: Handwash and air dry only.

Note: Because each piece is handmade, the color and shape of each cup are slightly different and may not exactly match the image displayed on your browser.

Sugimoto Tea Sampler package

This linen-cotton packaged tea sampler includes 5 Matcha Sencha, 5 Matcha Genmaicha, and 5 Matcha Sticks from the Sugimoto Tea Company which has made quality teas for over 50 years in Shizuoka, Japan. Description of teas and brewing instructions included.  Linen-cotton wrapped Tea Sampler package can also be purchased separately.