Takeshi Honda, Shiretoko Kiln

Honda started his pottery career in Shiretoko, Hokkaido and in 2007 he opened the Shiretoko Kiln in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture.

What started with a hobby of collecting antiques turned into a passion for pottery. Honda began making ceramics himself as he would come across pieces that fascinated him. Honda cherishes the words of the infamous Shōwa artist, Rosanjin, who once said, "Some of the greatest works of art can be dated as far back as the Jomon period (14,000-3,000BC).” Honda took inspiration from Rosanjin, and believes the beauty of human nature and human power are embodied in Rosanjin’s works.

In his life as a potter, Honda has come to believe that the works that he creates honestly and without any eccentricity are what make his pottery style unique. Honda’s deceptively simplistic style is born from his high technical skill and dialogue with the clay.