Masato Miura

the photo of the potter, Masato Miura

Born in Tokyo, Miura spent his college years immersed in painting and other activities in an art club in a field unrelated to his academic major. After graduating from college, he began living on his own, and while shopping for his own tableware, he found a desire to work with handmade products.

He decided to enter the world of ceramics and studied at the Aichi Ceramic Institute. After completing school, he continued his training in Bizen, Okayama prefecture, and opened his own semi-underground anagama kiln in 2005. 

Since Bizen ware does not use glaze, the finished product is characterized by the texture of the clay and the color of the kiln. The reddish-black of the kiln gives a sense of power, along with the scorching flames and faded ash lines. However, Miura's works are somehow gentle in a way. Miura often cooks for his family, so he grabs inspiration for his pottery making when envisioning how to serve and display his cuisine.

The area where Miura currently lives was once a thriving pottery production area, and there is even a record that a famous shogun in the 16th century used Bizen ware at his tea ceremonies. In addition to Bizen ware, Miura also produces Sue ware, which is said to be the predecessor of Bizen ware. Taking from his past works, Miura states that in the future he would like to increase the number of works that can be enjoyed by projecting his playful spirit into his creations.

Masato Miura Collection is here.