Keiichi Tanaka

Keiichi Tanaka's journey into the world of ceramics began not out of familial tradition but from a transformative experience during his university years at Musashino Art University. Before this, he had never considered pursuing ceramics. During his sophomore year, he had the opportunity to attend a lecture by a professor who specialized in ceramics but was also a product designer. His insights offered a fresh and stimulating perspective on ceramics, entirely different from any preconceived notions Keiichi held. This lecture awakened him to the untapped potential of clay.
Tanaka holds a deep appreciation for the textures found in ancient ceramics. His white-glazed pieces are consciously reminiscent of the soft and smooth surfaces of faience, a ceramic popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. In contrast, his blue-glazed pieces echo the vibrant blue hues prevalent in ancient Egyptian and Turkish pottery. Always mindful of practicality, Tanaka – a cooking enthusiast – crafts his pieces considering how they will complement dishes and the overall presentation of meals.
A recurring theme in his works is a desire to encapsulate the softness of clay, creating pieces that evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia. Tanaka envisions his creations as mere tableware and artifacts that enrich daily life. He hopes that his works will bring a touch of richness to one's everyday experiences.
Outside of his workshop, Keiichi cherishes simple pleasures. After a day's work, he enjoys unwinding with a glass of his favorite Scotch single malt, immersing himself in music, and delving into a good book. A passionate cook, Keiichi is the primary chef at home. Above all, his greatest joy is spending time with his two daughters, aged nine and two, playing and making memories.
In Tanaka's creations, one can see a beautiful fusion of ancient inspiration with contemporary design, all while staying true to the essence of daily life.