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Japanese modern dinnerware 4-piece Seto Blue set dinner plate salad plate bowl mug
All occasion dishware made in Japan Shima White 4 piece modern style glossy white glaze deep blue accents
Japanese sake cup collaboration Suiroku elegantly packaged in signed wooden box
Anagama Kinyo 1 Japanese Vase, kinyo glaze and kiln ash pink spiral contours slightly textured grey background
Modern Japanese vase Anagama Kinyo 2  blue-green accents subtle rustic pink textured background
Ancient wood kiln-fired Japanese anagama kinyo vase 3 rustic pink green-blue specks
Creative vase design Kinyo Violet 1 Vase off-white swirling ribs light violet-red off-white gradient background
Artisan made modern vase Japan Kinyo Violet 2 off-white swirling ribs violet-red background
Japanese ceramic bud Kinyo Violet 3 vase off-white swirling ribs dark violet red background blue gradient
Blue and white Tobe Japanese ceramic vase Rin 1 organic round cornered rectangular shape cylindrical opening
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Modern blue and white small vase Rin 2 round-cornered rectangular vase with a cylindrical opening at the top
Deep blue accented ceramic bud vase Rin 3 disk-like shape with vertical orientation cylindrical opening
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One stem flower vase Rin 5 made in Japan elegant disk-like container cylindrical opening
Elegant organic sphere-like Hana vase swirling raised ribs terminating at opening 4 wave-like points
Japanese ceramic elegant Maki vase with spiral
Anagama Japanese sake cup handmade dark brown with partial white glaze
Miyabi | Handmade Anagama Vase
Handcrafted Anagama Vase Mentori | Made In Japan Pottery
Momo pink dessert cup set | Modern Japanese Ceramics
Matte blue color coffee pot with lid is back and a dripper is in front. Hand-crafted by Japanese potter, Marumi Kujirai.
Handmade shallow kohiki bowl light gray with white brushed beautif design
There are six different colors and designs in total. Each has its own unique characteristics.
Black round bowl with distinctive wine-red lines inside. Vertical 2 lines and horizontal 3 lines.
Kuon Bowl and Teacup 2-pcs set | Japanese Tableware
Japanese modern deep blue dinner plate Seto Blue collection
Modern Japanese ceramic dinner plate Shima White glaze deep blue border diffusing to delicate green at rim
Japanese modern salad plate Seto Blue Collection deep blue glaze diffusing to white one edge
Shima White Salad Plate 8"| Modern Japanese Ceramic
Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue Bowl deep blue glaze diffusing to glossy white
Modern simple elegant Shima White bowl deep blue glaze outside diffusing to white at base deep blue bottom rim
Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue mug deep blue glaze diffusing to lighter shades of blue at base
Contemporary Japanese mug Shima White glaze diffusing to a deep blue at base
Seto Blue Pasta Bowl | Modern Japanese Ceramic
Genuine Japanese dinnerware Shima White pasta bowl glossy deep blue glaze diffusing to white at base
Modern blue and white Japanese ceramic small dessert cup Seto Blue Collection white and deep blue glaze
Modern elegant Shima White Japanese dessert cup deep blue interior
86 results

WAZA Tokyo carries works by outstanding ceramic and pottery artists. WAZA Tokyo’s artists are from as far north as Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, to as far west as Ehime, Shikoku, and even one Japanese artist creates her work in Paris. Their unique and diverse skills produce stunning pieces of work.  Meeting the artist personally, listening to their inspirations and thoughts and the meticulous process to create the works is awe-inspiring. Each piece is carefully crafted to the artist’s vision over a long period. From dinnerware sets to use every day to one-of-a-kind vases, there are many modern and elegant pieces to choose from. In addition, some works were conceived in collaboration with artists and are available only at WAZA Tokyo.