Kuon Bowl and Teacup 2-piece set | Japanese Tableware


The Kuon (eternity) 2-piece sets were created by Masato Miura to emulate the methods of Sue pottery. The blue-gray color of Sue ware results from the chemical reaction of iron oxide in the clay in the anagama kiln during firing. The Kuon bowl is traditional Japanese tableware, has an excellent aesthetic for matching your rice, and is a great size for everyday use. In place of rice, try ice cream with matcha or green tea served in the teacup. The combination of ice cream and tea is unexpectedly perfect. This versatile set fits in wonderfully with the tableware you already own. Each set has a slightly different coloring and pattern. Enjoy your special collection!

Made in Okayama, Japan

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Rice Bowl:  5.25” dia x 2.25” high
Teacup: 3” dia x 3.25” high

Care: NOT for use in microwave. Hand wash and air dry only.

About Sue-ware

Sue-ware, regarded as the ancestor of Bizen ware, originated around the 6th century in the Okayama Prefecture. However, with the increased popularity of Bizen ware, the demand for Sue pottery evaporated, and as a result, the art form has all but vanished. Miura is one of the last remaining artists actively making Sue ware to revive this ancient style.