Maru Donburi Bowl Mizu-Oto | Modern Ceramics


The Mizu-Oto (sound of water) series are now available at WAZA Tokyo. This bowl from the Seto Blue/Shima White collection is specially made for Donburi. The Donburi bowl has been a staple of Japanese daily life for centuries. A bowl of rice topped with a variety of side dishes, although simple to make, a Donburi can be a complete meal in itself. Perfectly suited for Oyako-don, Katsu-don, Tekka-don, Poke, and more. This bowl is also the ideal size for noodle dishes like Vietnamese Pho and Udon. The possibilities are endless. Find your favorite Donburi dish!

Artist: Yoshito Takenishi

Made in Tobe, Japan

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
7" dia x 3" h

Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe, although washing by hand is recommended.