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The plate was set with chopsticks and a glass. The plate was naturally up on 4 corners. Beautiful and luxurious look.
Unique and luxurous w hite and gold footed square plate. There are small black speckles on the white part.
Deep red dinner plate with thin black outline at rim.
Rich blue peonies and green leaves set on a background of yellow and blue waves
Grey and white sake container vase
Ginsai Square Flat Plate | Modern Japanese Ceramics
Gunjo Dinner Plate | Modern Japanese Tableware
Tapered ramen bowl with undulating rim with matching tapered tea cup in background
A pair of opulent gold chopsticks, with a lustrous finish, displayed on a linen napkin.  Modern Japanese tableware.
A pair of chopsticks with a striking half-navy and half-black lacquered finish, placed on a crisp white linen napkin. Handmade in Japan. Modern Japanese tableware.
The chic and modern chopsticks with a split half-rouge and half-black lacquered finish, resting on a clean linen napkin. Japan made chopsticks.
A pair of handmade silver lacquered chopsticks from Japan resting on a napkin. Modern Japanese tableware. Elegance and luxury.
Hasu Japanese 4-piece dinnerware set - cup, bowl, salad, dinner plate. Features a blue lotus on a glossy white background.
Dark brown glaze diffusing to clay colored sake container
Speckled dark grey sake container with opening to the side with dimple for thumb.
Hyo Blue Covered Bowl | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Hyo White Covered Bowl | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Yellow patterned dish with a pine showing through green bordered gourd shaped window
Ishidatami Accent Plate | Kutani Collection | Japanese Ceramics
two sets of Japanse tea bags and 5 sticks of Matcha with linen wrapping
Kanade Matte Opal Green 4-piece Dinnerware Set | Japanese Pottery
Round dish with yellow and white birds flying among spades rich green background
Round plate with raised rim. Beautifully it shins. Elegant design will give sophisticated feel to your table.
Kessho Flat Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Round plate with a black and gray pattern. Great Japanese dinner plates for seasonal occasions.
sake container vase with ring of gold at opening
Koromo Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Dinnerware
Medium and small plate with deep rust, orange, red glaze encircled with an off-white rim
Black textured plates encircled with an off-white rim
Other side of the cup. Beautiful blue relatively large dots design. Lovely and charming. Each piece is handmade by prominet artisan Yoshito Takenishi in Tobe, Japan.
Modern Japanese Tableware Koku | 4-piece dinnerware set
A set of sake carafe and cup with Japanese sake bottle, perfect for special occasions.
Carafe and two cups are in line at the living room. Warm cosy feeling.
Seikan Bizen coffee/espresso cup #1 | Modern Japanese pottery
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Seikan Bizen coffee/espresso cup #2 | Modern Japanese pottery
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Seikan Bizen coffee/espresso cup #3 | Modern Japanese pottery

58 results