Botan Accent Plate | Kutani Collection | Japanese Ceramics


Add elegance and color to your table with Botan (Peony) Kutani accent plates.  Kutani ware is one of the traditional types of pottery that has lasted from the 17th century to the present day. It is characterized by intricate colorful designs using red, green, purple, blue and yellow. The designs are traditional, but the bold use of colors and patterns show a new modern artistic sensibility, and its craft is recognized not only in Japan but all over the world.

Use as appetizer, salad or dessert plates. Add style to your bedroom or bathroom by using Botan as a decorative trinket/jewelry dish. 

Pair with Koku 4-piece dinnerware set or mix and match tableware for endless setting designs.

4 Botan peony plates 
(dinner plate (Koku), calabash plate (Hyotan) and chopsticks not included)

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
6” d x .75" h

Care: Hand wash and air dry

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