Hyo White Covered Bowl | Elegant Japanese Tableware


Discover the essence of modern Japanese dining aesthetics for urban homes with this high-quality Japanese ceramic bowl. Characterized by its elegant off-white hue, this modern Japanese porcelain bowl boasts a distinctive cracked glaze (kannyu) finish that stands as a testament to fine Japanese ceramics for everyday use.
The art of creating such an exquisite cracked glaze involves applying a particular type of glaze that contracts at a different rate than the ceramic during the cooling process post-firing. As the ceramic cools, the glaze cracks, forming these intricate patterns, making each bowl uniquely enchanting.
Though simple yet stylish, this Japanese kitchenware found online serves multiple purposes. Beyond dining, it doubles as a refined container for jewelry, keys, watches, and more. While it effortlessly holds dry foods, it's advisable to avoid liquids, as the cracked finish might leave stains.
Elevate your space with a touch of tradition blended with contemporary design. Embrace the beauty of fine Japanese ceramics in your everyday life.

Product Details

  • Made in Japan
  • The off-white color is available.
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions:
    • 5.5" dia x 2.15” h
  • Care:  Hand wash and air dry recommended.