Yanagi Matcha/Tea Bowl | Elegant Japanese Beauty


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Mami Kanno, a renowned Japanese pottery artist living in France, crafted this bowl. The outside of the bowl has beautiful vertical glazed crackles (kannyu) like a willow tree (yanagi). This forms naturally in the glaze from changes in the temperature during the process of creation. It is very rare for such a beautiful flow of kannyu to appear as if it was intended. Its beauty is exceptional from all angles. While one may hesitate to use it due to its artistic value, it is very much suitable as a matcha bowl, for drinking matcha latte, café latte, and other drinks. It is also wonderful to put a few small flowers in it. Whether on the table or a display shelf, its beauty and presence will enhance your everyday.

Artist: Mami Kanno

Made in Paris, France

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
4.5" dia x 2.5" high
10.8 fluid oz

Care: Handwash only. Air dry. 

Please note that due to the nature of the "kannyu" technique, over time, the colors of food and drink may seep into the porous glaze material. However, you can reduce this effect by soaking or dampening the bowl with water before use. In Japan, it is common to enjoy the gradual changes in color and patina that come with the use and aging of ceramics. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.