Mami Kanno

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A unique Japanese matcha cup with cream-colored glaze, featuring beautiful gray lines of varying intensity and an original design of black ink-like spots sprinkled throughout.
This bowl has two foot so that it's angled when you place it on the table. Matte white glaze is around the edge, which is about 1 inch deep that continues to the inside of the bowl.
This is a serene pink matcha tea bowl, called "chawan", which is a type of unique tableware. It was carefully made by a Japanese artist who is currently based in France. The surface of the bowl retains the texture of the clay used to make it, which adds to its beauty.
A ceramic sake cup with an off-white exterior and beautiful shades of gray. It's like Japanese sumi painting art.
The contrast of blue and white is beautiful. You can use this guinomi as a bud vase with small short flower.
Wakana Entrée Bowl | Modern Japanese Tableware
Introducing beautiful matcha bowl crafted by Japanese artisan, Mami Kanno. Beautiful gray lines like a willow is all around the bowl on soft pink like beige color. Although this was made in France by the Japanese artist, you feel wabi sabi.
Black round bowl with distinctive wine-red lines inside. Vertical 2 lines and horizontal 3 lines.
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Yonaga Black Bowl – Medium | Elegant Japanese Tableware
Yonaga Black Entrée Bowl | Modern Japanese Tableware