Takara Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Tableware


Discover our "Takara" (treasure) dinner plate – a blend of tradition and modern elegance that is truly apt for this work of art. This plate exudes the sophisticated simplicity emblematic of high-quality Japanese dish design, which is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of Japanese ceramics. Its delicate bluish-grey hue begins with a soft ivory at the center, deepening to a richer tone towards the edges. This subtle gradient not only embodies the understated elegance of Japanese ceramics but also captures the spirit of the modern house aesthetic.
But the Takara is not just about looks. Trusted even for professional use, its resilience, and durability are vouched for by chefs who demand only the very best in their kitchens. It is the perfect example of a simple Japanese ceramic plate, expertly made in Japan, that elevates any dish it holds. Every meal becomes an experience, a confluence of taste, aesthetics, and tradition.
For those who seek unique and different, the Takara is a testament to a heritage of elegance and quality. Upgrade your dining experience with this made-in-Japan dinner plate, and enjoy the pleasure of dining with the best.

Product Details

  • Made in Japan
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions:
    • 10.23” x 10.23”, 2.25” h
  • Care:  Microwave and Dishwasher safe