Sugimoto Reserve Mizuki Matcha | Premium Japanese Tea


Experience the refined elegance of Mizuki Matcha, a ceremonial grade tea from Yame, Fukuoka, symbolizing celebration and beauty. This matcha, rich in umami and free from astringency, offers a creamy, nutty aroma and flavor reminiscent of fresh pine nuts. Its thick, velvety texture, complemented by a steamed milk finish, is best enjoyed in a traditional Japanese matcha bowl, or your favorite mug, enhancing its exquisite qualities. It is a perfect tribute to Japan's lush green tea fields. It is packaged in a nitrogen-flushed and vacuum-sealed foil bag in a reusable tin, ensuring freshness and quality.

Gift sets pairing Homare Sencha with exquisite Mizuki Matcha are available.

Made in Shizuoka, Japan

Net Weight: 1.05 oz (30g)