Shinju Dinner Plate | Elegant Japanese Ceramics


Gracefully adorned along its rim with a design reminiscent of fine washi paper sprinkled with pearls, this exquisite Japanese dinner plate might escape one's notice at first glance. Yet, upon closer observation, its sublime and regal elegance truly shines through. While subtle, its sophisticated design captures the quintessential Japanese philosophy of "what is hidden is the flower" - an appreciation for understated beauty and the allure of the unseen.

This plate is not just a piece of tableware; it is a symbol of cultural artistry, ideal for those special occasions when dining with loved ones. Crafted for those who seek unique, high-quality Japanese tableware, it promises to be an exceptional addition to your refined collection. This piece brings tradition and sophistication, perfect for those who understand that true luxury lies in the details.

Product Details

  • Made in Japan
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions:
    • 10.75” dia x 1” h
  • Care:  Microwave and Dishwasher safe