Tsukishiro 3-piece Dinnerware Set | Elegant Japanese Ceramics


If you prefer simple white plates but would still like added appeal, how about this unique set with a subtle moon motif? The set is simple and minimalist and will enrich your table. The dinner plate is deep enough to use as a pasta bowl as well. The salad plate is also appropriately large enough to be a bread plate. The smallest bowl is perfect for dessert. Ice cream with matcha green tea will add a beautiful contrast of colors. This is a versatile set that can be used as a set or individually.

Made in Japan

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Dinner  9.5" dia x 1.75" h 
Salad  8" dia x 0.75" h
Bowl  5.5" dia x 1.5" h
Care:  Microwave and dishwasher safe