Ama Beige Bowl | Modern Japanese Ceramics


Introducing a modern and sophisticated handmade beige bowl by talented artist Marumi Kujirai, who lives in Kasama, Japan. This beautiful bowl is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, reflecting the exquisite craftsmanship of Japanese artistry.
The matte finish of the bowl gives it a subtle yet elegant texture, making it perfect for daily use in various settings. It is versatile enough to be used for a bowl of cereal in the morning, serving matcha during break time, and a steaming hot bowl of rice in the evening.
Each bowl is handmade, making it a unique piece of art that adds elegance to your table. The beautiful beige color is perfect for any decor, and the Japanese craftsmanship ensures it is of the highest quality.
This bowl is beautiful and practical, making it an excellent addition to your tableware collection. It is made in Japan and crafted by a talented artist, ensuring that you are getting a product that is both beautiful and of exceptional quality.
It is perfect for daily use, and its Japanese craftsmanship ensures that it will be a treasured addition to your collection for years to come.

Product Details

  • Artist: Marumi Kujirai
  • Made in Kasama, Japan
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions: 5.25" dia x 2.75" h
  • Care: Hand washing is recommended. Microwave safe.