Michinoku 4-pcs Dinnerware Set | Japanese Tableware


This four-piece set is made by Kokuji Pottery, the most northern kiln in Japan.  The design is beautifully painted in soft beige brush strokes. The bowls are perfect for rice but can also be used beautifully for soup. The dinner plates create a special aura even with simple dishes. Both the clay and glaze are obtained in Kuji and refined by the artist preserving a tradition that has continued for more than 400 years yet has a modernness to it somehow. Kokuji-ware is loved by many people worldwide for its simple and tasteful products. They have even been used in popular Japanese TV dramas. Even for those who already have a dinnerware set, there is definitely room for this beautiful addition. We recommend it with confidence.

Made in Kuji, Iwate prefecture, Japan

Artist: Satomi Shimodate

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Dinner: 10.25" dia x 1.5" high
Salad: 7.5" dia x 1" high
Bowl: 5" dia x 2.75" high
Teacup: 3" dia x 3.75" high

Care Dishwasher and microwave safe, but handwash and air dry recommended.