Modern Japanese ceramic dinner plate Shima White glaze deep blue border diffusing to delicate green at rim
All occasion dishware made in Japan Shima White 4 piece modern style glossy white glaze deep blue accents
Modern simple elegant Shima White bowl deep blue glaze outside diffusing to white at base deep blue bottom rim
Contemporary Japanese mug Shima White glaze diffusing to a deep blue at base
Japanese sake cup collaboration Suiroku elegantly packaged in signed wooden box
Midnight blue and white Japanese modern Suiroku vase packaged in signed wooden box
Handmade Japanese bud vase Anagama Kinyo 4 random patterns of blue/green subtle pink/beige textured background. beautiful flower vase.
Handcrafted vase made in Japan Anagama Kinyo 5 raised spirals terminating at the top tulip shaped opening. one-of-a-kind flower vase.
Artisan made modern vase Japan Kinyo Violet 2 off-white swirling ribs violet-red background
Tulip shaped vase Kinyo Violet 8 bud shaped container ribs terminating 4 points at opening