Suiseki Hakeme Bowl #1 | Handmade Japanese pottery


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Elevate your dining with this exquisite bowl, featuring a unique brushed stroke design. Each variation is adorned with slightly different glaze hues, embodying the blending of delicate gradients of light orange and gray. This diversity captures the essence of tradition and modernity. Inspired by wabi-sabi, the bowl celebrates beauty in imperfection and simplicity, evoking calm and tranquility. Perfect for any zen decor, its understated elegance complements any table setting. Skillfully crafted by Honda, every brushstroke is meticulous, offering a unique piece that embodies the spirit of wabi-sabi. This timeless treasure, ideal for any meal, adds elegance and serenity to your dining experience. 

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Made in Mashiko, Japan

Artist: Takeshi Honda

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
5.5" dia x 3.25" h

Care:  Hand wash and air dry. Microwave is not recommended.