Yohen Dinnerware Set #5 | Bizen Tableware Pottery


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Looking for an extraordinary tableware collection? Look no further than this rustic Japanese pottery dishware set. This Yohen dinnerware set includes a rice bowl, teacup, and small plate, all handmade by skilled artisan, Masato Miuura from Okayama, Japan, famous for Bizen ware.

Bizen ware undergoes "natural ash glaze firing" without glaze in a wood-fired kiln, resulting in a unique, rustic finish at high temperatures. The iron in the clay oxidizes during firing, producing its distinctive reddish-brown color.

The skilled use of traditional Japanese pottery in creating this set highlights the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that has long been a hallmark of Japanese crockery, making it a true testament to this revered art form.

*Yohen is unpredictable changes that occur in the color, texture, and glaze of pottery during the firing process.

**Each set in this collection is unique. While every piece is one-of-a-kind, they all harmonize beautifully with one another and with other dinnerware sets, whether traditional Japanese or modern Western. Mix and match to create a personalized set that reflects your style and taste.

Made in Okayama, Japan
Artist: Masato Miura

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Plate: 6.25" dia x 0.75" h
Bowl: 5.25" dia x 2.25" h
Teacup: 2.75" dia x 3" h 
(6.7 fluid oz)

Care: Handwash only. Dry them fully to prevent moisture from lingering.