Kondo Collection

On a hillside in Mino, Hirohisa Kondo, a second generation potter, makes his creations with the sound of a stream, birds chirping and the beauty of the bamboo groves surrounding him.  Using natural materials from the forest and around his studio, he kneads and produces his own clay and fuels his kilns with pine wood.  The natural environment being a source of inspiration, his philosophy is to work with the forces of nature and his kiln to complete his pieces.  


TThe Mentori vase is one such nature-inspired piece.  During the firing process, brown specks break through the white glaze at high heat.  As a result, the brown pigments meld seamlessly with his glaze, creating this masterpiece.  Kondo has even sought out the ultimate location within the kiln to create this one-of-a-kind exquisite piece. Kondo’s artistry is born from the fusion of Mino’s natural world and Kondo's unprecedented talents working in unison to create striking and distinctive pieces.

7 results
Anagama Miyabi 1 anagama Japanese cobalt blue vase small opening with larger volume at bottom
Anagama Hakeme 3 Japanese white sake cup black brush strokes
Anagama Mentori anagama Japanese vase chamfered sides thick rimmed
Anagama Japanese sake cup handmade dark brown with partial white glaze
Anagama Japanese Hakeme 2 sake cup clay with partial black glaze uneven rim
Anagama Miyabi 2 anagama Japanese blue white vase small opening with larger volume at bottom
Anagama Japanese Kohiki tea and sake cup off white crackled glaze unglazed brown base