Anagama/Kinyo Collection

The Anagama/Kinyo Collection includes the Anagama Kinyo and Kinyo Violet vases.  

The Anagama Kinyo vases were fired in a traditional Anagama kiln which is a very labor intensive process but the outcome is a range of unique variegated colors and textures dependent on the location the object is placed in the kiln. As a result, not one vase can be replicated. Ikeda only uses the Anagama process twice a year because it requires his full attention for 4 consecutive days and nights.

Kinyo refers to the glaze which was inspired by a well known type of Chinese pottery during the Song Dynasty.  These glazes range in color from purple and violet and green/blue or a combination of both, often having unglazed lines which adds to the rustic but rich quality of these pieces.