The dish makes the meal

The dish makes the meal

Let's get real. Before life introduced me to a wheelchair, I couldn't care less about dishes. The ones I owned? It was a mishmash of casual and formal dinnerware sets from my wedding days, gifts from friends, some promotional freebies, and, oh, let's not forget those trusty IKEA plastic sets when the kids were very young. As a busy educator, my mind was all about whipping up 'quick-fix meals.' The thought of what plate they'd grace? Barely crossed my mind.

Then life took an unexpected turn. Stripped of my mobility, the few things I could do dwindled down. But then came this moment – the simple act of pouring coffee became my little ray of hope. The mesmerizing blend of blues, inspired by the Seto Inland Sea, and the rich brown of the coffee was pure art. That's when my love affair with tableware truly started.

Now, whenever I dine out, my focus isn't just on the gourmet delights but, oh, the tableware! Not just their shape or color but their height, texture, and weight – everything contributes to the dining experience. There's a saying: the dish makes the meal. And when food and dishes come together, it's not just dining; it's a moment. A moment I cherish and want to relish time and again.

So, cheers to many more such moments, with the plate holding as much allure as the palate. Who knew, right?