This is a shoyu, soy sauce based, ramen with boiled egg and sliced pork. It's about US$9.

Shoyu? Miso? Tonkotsu?

Many Japanese TV programs are about food.  Of these, programs about ramen are by far the most common.  Each region of Japan has its own unique flavor on which various innovations are made to the soup, noodles as well as toppings. Generally, ramen shops are ‘eat and leave’ establishments and different to restaurants where you can linger with your friends.  Some shops don’t allow you to wait for your friends to finish if you have finished first, or even allow you to talk to the owner or cooks. 

When I was young (years ago!), my friends and I would go to popular ramen restaurants at midnight!  I used to eat pork-based broth ramen (tonkotsu).  Now I enjoy soy sauce based broth ramen which is light and refreshing.  I no longer have the metabolism for the rich broth, and I am no longer awake at midnight!