Issho Nabe | Japanese Cookware/Serveware


Nabe is a type of Japanese cookware which retains heat and doubles as beautiful serveware. Our rustic black clay Japanese cookware, Issho (together) Nabe is used for cooking meals over a gas burner or baking foods in the oven. The clay heats slowly to maintain uniform heat.  Over time, the base beautifully patinas with use. Surprise your guest with their own serving dish filled with simmering meat and vegetables, tofu, noodles, kimchi or create your own gourmet meal.

Made in Japan

1 serving dish (bamboo mat, chopsticks, and rest not included)

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
8.25” dia x 1.75” h

with handles:  10.5” w x 2.5” h

Instructions and Care:  
For gas burners only. Cannot be used with electric or induction burners. Not for deep frying. The unglazed base must be completely dry before heating. Oven safe.
Microwave and dishwasher safe, although hand wash and air dry is recommended.


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