Michinoku Katakuchi Spout Bowl | Japan Made Ceramics


This type of katakuchi (bowl with a spout) bowl featuring a spout has been used for thousands of years.  They were originally used to transfer liquids such as soy sauce and sake from large bottles to smaller containers but are now popularly used as containers for side dishes such as pickled dishes (sunomono) and simmered dishes (nimono).  The bowl’s subtle accents beautifully enhance the food’s presentation.  The katakuchi bowl, with its convenient spout, is perfect to be used for dressings and gravy.  Many people nowadays also use it as a tea bowl for making matcha.  The spout makes it perfect for pouring the matcha into the foamed milk.

Made in Kuji, Iwate prefecture, Japan

Artist: Satomi Shimodate

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Bowl: 4.5" (5.5" with spout) dia x 2.3" high

Care Dishwasher and microwave safe, but hand wash and air dry recommended.