Hakubo Tea Cup Set of 5 | Japanese Pottery


These handmade Hakubo (twilight) tea cups emanate tradition and heighten the tea time experience. They were wood-fired in a century-old anagama kiln. This labor-intensive method results in an extraordinary earthy texture and color.  Incidentally, the best water temperature recommended for green tea (sencha) is 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Brew a cup of delicious sencha and enjoy with guests in these beautiful works of art. A complimentary Sugimoto Tea Sampler Set is included, and you can enjoy them immediately!

Made in Gifu, Japan

Artist: Hirohisa Kondo

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
3.5” dia x 2.3” high
5 fluid oz
Care: NOT for use in microwave
Hand wash and air dry only