Miyabi 2 | Handmade Anagama Vase


The Miyabi 2 vase is a work of art with its white crackled glaze and bold blue brush strokes. The round shape of the Miyabi anagama vases are reminiscent of a noble woman wearing the formal layered kimono during the Heian period - the Golden Age of Japanese art and literature.  Anagama kiln fired the traditional Japanese way using local and sustainable materials. Beautifully packaged in a wooden box.

Made in Japan, Gifu prefecture

Artist: Hirohisa Kondo

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
6.75 “ dia x 7.25“ h

Care: Wipe with soft cloth
Note: Please allow an estimated 2-4 weeks for delivery for Kondo's products. 
Due to the fragile nature of Kondo's Miyabi 2 vase this item is not returnable and non-refundable.