Yohen Dinnerware Set #6 | Bizen Tableware Pottery


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This Yohen dinnerware set is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the artistry of Japanese pottery. Each piece in this set is handcrafted by skilled artisan Masato Miura from Okayama, famous for Bizen ware, using traditional techniques, resulting in a stunning blend of form and function.

The deep reddish-brown and earthy beige colors, occasionally with a gorgeous gray gradation, are achieved through firing in a handmade wood-fired kiln, giving each piece its unique character.

The result is a sophisticated and distinctive tableware collection that will elevate any dining experience.

*Yohen is unpredictable changes that occur in the color, texture, and glaze of pottery during the firing process.

**Each set in this collection is unique. While every piece is one-of-a-kind, they all harmonize beautifully with one another and with other dinnerware sets, whether traditional Japanese or modern Western. Mix and match to create a personalized set that reflects your style and taste.

Made in Okayama, Japan
Artist: Masato Miura

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Plate: 6.25" dia x 0.75" h
Bowl: 5.25" dia x 2.25" h
Teacup: 2.75" dia x 3" h 
(6.7 fluid oz)

Care: Handwash only. Dry them fully to prevent moisture from lingering.