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Elegant organic sphere-like Hana vase swirling raised ribs terminating at opening 4 wave-like points
Midnight blue and white Japanese modern Suiroku vase packaged in signed wooden box
Japanese plant container Hakuji Ikeda’s organic spirals transparent finish highlights natural clay color
Handcrafted Anagama Vase Mentori | Made In Japan Pottery
Miyabi | Handmade Anagama Vase
Japanese ceramic elegant Maki vase with spiral
Anagama Kinyo 1 Japanese Vase, kinyo glaze and kiln ash pink spiral contours slightly textured grey background
Modern Japanese vase Anagama Kinyo 2  blue-green accents subtle rustic pink textured background
Ancient wood kiln-fired Japanese anagama kinyo vase 3 rustic pink green-blue specks
Handmade Japanese bud vase Anagama Kinyo 4 random patterns of blue/green subtle pink/beige textured background
Handcrafted vase made in Japan Anagama Kinyo 5 raised spirals terminating at the top tulip shaped opening
Creative vase design Kinyo Violet 1 Vase off-white swirling ribs light violet-red off-white gradient background
Artisan made modern vase Japan Kinyo Violet 2 off-white swirling ribs violet-red background
Japanese ceramic bud Kinyo Violet 3 vase off-white swirling ribs dark violet red background blue gradient
Limited series Japanese ceramic vase Kinyo Violet 4 off-white swirling ribs dark violet-red background
Violet Japanese vase Kinyo 5 off-white swirling ribs dark violet-red background rustic
Small modern style bud vase Kinyo Violet 6 swirling ribs 4 tulip shaped points at the opening
Japanese artisan made vase Kinyo Violet 7 squat tulip shaped container raised swirling ribs
Tulip shaped vase Kinyo Violet 8 bud shaped container ribs terminating 4 points at opening
Blue and white Tobe Japanese ceramic vase Rin 1 organic round cornered rectangular shape cylindrical opening
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Modern blue and white small vase Rin 2 round-cornered rectangular vase with a cylindrical opening at the top
Deep blue accented ceramic bud vase Rin 3 disk-like shape with vertical orientation cylindrical opening
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Japanese contemporary design using traditional craft Rin 4 vase elegant disk-like shape
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One stem flower vase Rin 5 made in Japan elegant disk-like container cylindrical opening
Blue and white Japanese ceramic bud vase with blue circular patterns
One-of-a kind  handmade Japanese ceramic vase with organic round cornered rectangular shape and cylindrical opening
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Contemporary single stem bud vase with deep blue and white glaze
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Rin 10 | Blue and White Japanese Vase
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Contemporary handcrafted bud vase with deep blue and white glaze
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Speckled black sake container
Dark brown glaze diffusing to clay colored sake container
sake container vase with ring of gold at opening
Grey and white sake container vase
Off-white textured sake container
Speckled dark grey sake container with opening to the side with dimple for thumb.
Deep blue-green striped glaze design on a glossy white backdrop single stem bud vase
38 results

No one doubts that a life with flowers enriches our daily life, but it is not so easy to decorate with flowers daily in our busy lives.  WAZA Tokyo has vases that are beautiful on their own even without flowers! 

WAZA Tokyo carefully selected them. Artists’ vases were fired in an anagama, an ancient kiln, over four days. During this time, artists keep the fire burning 24 hours a day. Even in the same kiln, the finished product will vary depending on where it is placed, resulting in a unique, non-renewable vase that can only be found in one place in the world.

Enjoy a wide range of vases from small gifts to friends and coworkers to one-of-a-kind gifts for special occasions.