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There are six different colors and designs in total. Each has its own unique characteristics.
Set of 4 accent plates - rich blue peonies and green leaves
Hyotan Accent Plate | Kutani Collection | Japanese Ceramics
Red, blue, yellow, green, gray, square patterns on round dish
White dessert plate Joshua Blue Premium with deep blue moon shaped crescent
Set of 4 accent plates - yellow and white birds flying among spades rich green background
Round plate with raised rim. Beautifully it shins. Elegant design will give sophisticated feel to your table.
Japanese modern deep blue dinner plate Seto Blue collection
Japanese modern salad plate Seto Blue Collection deep blue glaze diffusing to white one edge
Modern Japanese ceramic dinner plate Shima White glaze deep blue border diffusing to delicate green at rim
Shima White Salad Plate 8"| Modern Japanese Ceramic