Beni 3-piece Bowl Set | Japanese Ceramic


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The Beni (red) Bowl is a testament to the timeless beauty of Japanese tableware. Crafted meticulously from authentic Japanese ceramics, it boasts a deep red/orange hue, interwoven with a delicate sprinkling of both lighter and darker tones. This interplay of shades creates a depth and richness that is reminiscent of the vibrant fall colors. True to the spirit of Japanese minimalism, the design is simple yet profoundly elegant. Its versatile nature makes it perfect not just for serving everyday staples such as cereal, salad, rice, and soup but also for presenting heartwarming ramen or using it as an accent bowl to bring an autumnal touch to your holiday table. Whether you're aiming for a casual mealtime atmosphere or a formal dinner setting, this piece effortlessly bridges the gap. Revel in the charm of the Beni Bowl, where elegance and functionality meet in perfect harmony.

Product Detail

  • Made in Japan
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions: 6.75” dia x 3.25” h
  • Care:  Microwave and dishwasher safe