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Rich brown gradient surrounds the tea pot and tea cups contrasting with a eucalyptus crackled green glaze
Two sake cups with unique shape carafe modern glassware
Anagama Japanese sake cup handmade dark brown with partial white glaze
Anagama Japanese Hakeme 2 sake cup clay with partial black glaze uneven rim
Anagama Hakeme 3 Japanese white sake cup black brush strokes
Anagama Japanese Kohiki tea and sake cup off white crackled glaze unglazed brown base
Japanese sake cup collaboration Suiroku elegantly packaged in signed wooden box
Japanese small sake cup Gladdy's Sounds original swirl type design elegantly packaged in wooden box
Japanese sake cup Gladdy's Sounds original swirl type design packaged in a wooden box
Two tea cup set Kage Ao with linen wrapped tea sampler fitted into sectioned wooden box
Two cup Japanese tea set, Joshua Blue with linen wrapped tea sampler, white washi covered box
Modern Japanese ceramic Seto Blue mug deep blue glaze diffusing to lighter shades of blue at base
Contemporary Japanese mug Shima White glaze diffusing to a deep blue at base
Japan-made coffee cup Shima White Seto Blue deep blue glaze contrasting white saucer matching deep blue border
Modern blue and white Japanese ceramic small dessert cup Seto Blue Collection white and deep blue glaze
Modern elegant Shima White Japanese dessert cup deep blue interior