Sakura, cherry blossoms, and the red lantern at a shrine. Beautiful Japanese spring scenary.


Springtime in Japan is a special season, especially when the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom. Hanami, gathering and admiring the beauty of the sakura trees is a traditional Japanese pastime. The ‘sakura full bloom’ forecast for different areas in Japan is watched closely in anticipation each year. Shortly after the sakura’s full bloom, the petals fall off just like snowflakes. It is a truly beautiful sight to behold. The ephemeral nature of the cherry blossoms makes the hanami experience all the more precious.

Walking under sakura trees fills me with a sense of excitement and joy. I can't help but stop and admire them every time I pass by. It is a time to celebrate life and appreciate the beauty of nature, and to remind us that nothing lasts forever. Life is fleeting, and we need to cherish every moment we have. So let's enjoy this beautiful season, and all the new beginnings that it brings and make the most of this magical time.